2021 Representative elections

At the beginning of 2021, many of you took part in the GWG’s election of representatives. We would like to thank you for this – because by doing so you contribute to actively shaping life in our cooperative.

We would also like to thank the 70 elected representatives and the 20 substitute representatives. We look forward to your participation and we’re sure you will successfully guide the fate of GWG! We would be happy to introduce you to the elected representatives and substitute representatives as well as their duties


Andreas Otto
Managing Director

The voice of our members

One of the most important advantages of GWG living: we are organized as a cooperative. This means that every member can play their part – by electing a representative. What duties do the representatives take on? They take on honorary fiduciary duties to our members and influence the development of our cooperative. At the representatives’ meeting, for example, the representatives adopt the annual financial statements and decide whether they agree with the work of the Committee and the Executive Board in the prior business year. The representatives are also responsible for considering how profits should be used.

With the election of its representatives, GWG has formed its new assembly of representatives. Together with the election board, we prepared, conducted, and evaluated the election in five meetings. Under the pandemic restrictions, we worked together to ensure its correct implementation. Special thanks go to the Election Board and our employees for their outstanding performance in this election of representatives. I wish all the representatives good luck in their term of office.



Regine Wolters

The elected representatives

  1. Adam, Tobias
  2. Ahrenbeck, Marlene
  3. Ahrens-Arnold, Christine
  4. ***
  5. Böhm, Alexandra
  6. Büschke, Horst
  7. Chavier, Peter
  8. Conrad, Barbara
  9. Cooper, Dagmar
  10. Dannheim, Klaus
  11. Distelberger, Gerhard
  12. Evers, Klaus-Peter
  13. Exner, Franziska
  14. Glasow, Siegfried
  15. Görner, Renate
  16. Grebhan, Klaudia
  17. Grote, Ingrid
  18. Henke, Thomas
  19. Henning, Christian
  20. Hillmann, Claudia
  21. Hirt, Heidrun
  22. Hollenbach, Manfred
  23. Hölting, Kerstin
  24. Jander, Anja
  25. Kirsch, Heinz
  26. Koch, Oliver
  27. Koch, Dieter
  28. Kratzke, Christine
  29. Krause, Michael
  30. Kutzner, Ernst-Ulrich
  31. Laube, Susann
  32. Manduca, Michele
  33. Matzellus, Birgit
  34. Mertens, Helga
  35. Mönch, Manfred
  36. Nerlich, Hans-Joachim
  37. Notbom, Michael
  38. Nowak, Bastian Till
  39. Ogbonna, Isabelle
  40. Passekel, Edwin
  41. Plagge, Heidemarie
  42. ***
  43. Raulfs, Stefan
  44. ***
  45. Riechers, Sascha
  46. Ruschlau, Astrid
  47. Saake, Manfred
  48. Sartor, Kilian Rochus
  49. Schell, Anna
  50. Schiedewitz, Monika
  51. ***
  52. Schindler, Klaus
  53. Schlüsche, Tobias
  54. Schmidt, Jörg
  55. Schmolke, Karl-Heinz
  56. Schröder, Melanie
  57. Schulze, Jutta
  58. ***
  59. Seisel, Karla
  60. Simon, Elke
  61. Six, Alexander
  62. Stoyke, Manfred
  63. Theiner, Stefan
  64. Theiner, Katharina
  65. Thies, Stephanie
  66. Tietge, Bernd
  67. Wakengut, Alexander
  68. Weinberg, Roswitha
  69. ***
  70. Wille, Heinz-Dieter

    *** The representatives have not agreed to the publication of their names on the Internet. According to § 14 of our election regulations, a list with the names, telephone numbers or email addresses of the elected representatives is available for inspection by the members for at least two weeks at the business premises of the cooperative and its branches. On request, a copy of the list shall be made available immediately to each member.


  1. Bebernitz, Katharina
  2. Grebhan, Ulrich
  3. Manthey, Simon
  4. Schröder, Hannelore
  5. Angermann, Rainer
  6. Schmidt, Ulrich
  7. Mates, Horst
  8. Tacke, Sabine
  9. Kernbach, Kimberly
  10. Marzischewski-Drewes, Stefan
  11. Blank, Marina
  12. Wille, Martina
  13. Stute, Detlef
  14. Winkelmann, Mark
  15. Tunsch, Patrick
  16. Schulze, Ernst
  17. Kruse-Buchholz, Ines
  18. Kruse, Ingrid
  19. Preis, Manfred