What are Local Alliances for Families?

We are many! Each Local Alliance for Families is a network of players from business, politics, and civil society. The various partners meet on a voluntary basis to improve living and working conditions for families through needs-based projects. The participants are involved according to their respective possibilities and contribute their specific know-how.

The initiative was launched in 2004 by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth and is funded by the Federal Government and the European Social Fund.

Nationwide, more than 18,900 players, including more than 7,900 companies, are already involved in local alliances

Gifhorn Alliance for Families – Families on the Rise

The Gifhorn Alliance for Families contributes to the promotion of families in the city of Gifhorn through networking and the development of cooperations, by collecting and sharing information, identifying needs, and initiating improvements.

In the Declaration of the Gifhorn Alliance from 11/05/2005 it states: “Children are our present and without them there would be no future. We need a social climate in which children are included. Because family-friendliness is not only an understandable desire and justified demand of families themselves; family-friendliness is one of the current central social concerns.

Ensuring a family-friendly life in Gifhorn is a task for politicians, administration, businesses, and all social groups that help shape the living environment of families: churches, associations, institutions, initiatives, and family representatives.

In the Gifhorn Alliance for Families, we want to put the situation of families in Gifhorn at the centre of political and social interest and continuously work together to improve the living conditions of families in this city”.

GWG in the Gifhorn Alliance

Andreas Otto, Managing Director of the Gifhorner Wohnungsbau-Genossenschaft eG: “We are a member of the Gifhorn Alliance for Families, because in addition to education and work, the family is one of the focuses of the future. In our housing company, too, there has been a growing awareness that we need a family-friendly society and corporate culture, if we want to secure sustainable prosperity and growth. Highlighting and communicating family-friendly measures in strategic cooperations is our collective goal. For us, it’s clear: family brings profit”.