GWG Living – modern and future-oriented

Gifhorn – the mill town in the Südheide (southern part of the Lüneburg Heath) has a lot to offer its citizens: culture, nature, history, central traffic connections and a well-developed infrastructure. If you want to feel completely comfortable, GWG has the right living space for you. Our housing offer is aimed at singles, couples, families, and senior citizens. Our apartments and terraced houses are modernly furnished. Expert staff are available in the office for all questions about GWG living. For families and seniors, we realize innovative living concepts, such as “The Smart Home”, which was created in cooperation with the TU Braunschweig and the company Domologic GmbH in the centre of Gifhorn. Through the direct connection to a service centre and the in-house monitoring of the technical devices, elderly people are guaranteed security in their everyday living.

GWG’s corporate concept is also future-oriented: GWG is a housing company in the form of a cooperative. Our tenants are members and have a stake in the company through cooperative shares. The democratic structure enables the members to actively shape our business policy. As a member, you can participate in the cooperative’s work. You can elect the members of the representative committee or be elected yourself as a member of the committee – the highest body of the cooperative.

In particular, the annual distribution of a dividend, which is decided by the representative assembly, is an interesting investment opportunity. State funding in the form of a housing premium grant can also be applied for.

One share costs €620.00. Of course, if you terminate your membership, you will receive your paid-in shares back in full.

GWG has more than 2,358 apartments, 596 garages and 20 commercial premises in Gifhorn and the surrounding area. Its total assets amount to almost €88 million, of which €16.1 million are paid-in business assets of the 4,894 cooperative members. Each year, we invest €18.48/m² in the maintenance and modernisation of our residential complexes and houses (as of 31/12/2021).

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