75 years of Gifhorner Wohnungsbau-Genossenschaft eG

Gifhorn - In 1949, at a time of reconstruction and hope after the destruction of the Second World War, the Gifhorner Wohnungsbau-Genossenschaft eG (GWG) was founded. Its foundation was a response to the urgent need to create affordable housing for the population affected by the destruction of the war. Today, 75 years later, we are not only celebrating the existence of an institution that has had a significant impact on the development of the town of Gifhorn and the lives of its citizens, but also the vision, courage and solidarity of the founders and all those who have contributed to the success of the GWG over the years.

The beginnings in a time of new beginnings
After the war, Germany faced enormous challenges. Alongside the physical destruction, the housing shortage was one of the most pressing. In this time of need, the GWG was founded with the aim of providing people in Gifhorn and the surrounding area with a roof over their heads. This goal was embedded in the cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility and self-administration, which still guide the work of the GWG today.

Growth and development
Over the years, GWG has played a central role in the urban development of Gifhorn. From the first housing projects on the Ziegelberg to the development of entire districts, the cooperative has created living spaces that are more than just apartments. They are communities in which people of different generations and backgrounds live together, support each other and share common values.

GWG has always taken care to meet not only the physical, but also the social and cultural needs of its members. This is reflected in the design of the residential complexes, the provision of communal spaces and the organization of events that promote social interaction.


Challenges and innovations
The history of the GWG has not always been easy. Economic fluctuations, changing legal conditions and social changes have presented the cooperative with challenges. But it was precisely in difficult times that the GWG proved its resilience and innovative strength. It adapted to new circumstances, looked for creative solutions and remained true to its mission of creating affordable, high-quality housing.

One example of this innovative strength is the introduction of sustainable construction and energy standards in the newer residential projects. In this way, GWG not only takes account of ecological challenges, but also ensures the long-term economic viability and quality of life in its residential complexes.

Today, 75 years after its foundation, GWG stands as a proud example of what can be achieved through solidarity, commitment and working together towards a common goal. We would like to thank all our members, employees, partners and the town of Gifhorn for their support and trust. GWG's 75th anniversary is not only an occasion to look back, but also to look ahead. The challenges of the future, whether in the areas of sustainability, social integration or digital transformation, will be tackled with the same determination and willingness to innovate that has characterized GWG since its foundation.